Back to Basics: The Power Plate Push Up

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 The push up is quite possibly one of the best exercises anyone can do. Doing push ups on the Power Plate is even better! 
When doing a pushup the scapula is allowed to go through its full range of motion. This isn’t possible for the scapulae in the bench press or dumbbell bench press variations. If done correctly activation of the Serratus anterior is guaranteed. The serratus anterior is a commonly inactive muscle that is extremely important for any athletes, throwing and non-throwing. The serratus is quick to shut down at the first sign of shoulder trouble.
Reaping the benefits of the push up means focusing on correct technique first and foremost. First keep your elbows tucked as close to your body as possible. Now think of pushing through your armpit. You’ll not only engage your chest and triceps, but you’ll also recruit  your lats, traps, and even your biceps, while protecting your shoulders.
 Don’t sag in the middle. Your head, upper back, and hips should all be in a straight line during the entire pushup. If your hips drop below that line, you’re not getting the full benefit in the core..
Four years ago due to some degenerative arthritis in my back I could no longer do a push up without tremendous pain. That is when I was introduced to the Power Plate. I started slow and now and not only can I do 100 push ups at a pop without stopping, there is absolutely no pain. Thats my own personal success story. What will yours be? Core Stretch Acclimation Part 2

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What I’m about to say here I’ve said before, but if you warm your body up correctly you chances of injury lessen considerably. The Power Plate is an incredibly powerful piece of equipment, and has so much more to offer than the aftermarket teeter-totter vibration platforms being sold in the malls around the US right now. Power Plate uses a patented 3 dimensional vibration that moves like the body moves. It’s important to know the difference and learn to use the Power Plate correctly, and that is why this is part 2.

LA Powerplate Core Stretch Acclimation

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The Power Plate is an incredibly powerful piece of equipment, and has so much more to offer than the aftermarket teeter-totter vibration platforms being offered in the malls around the US right now. Power Plate uses a patented 3 dimensional vibration that moves like the body moves. It’s important to know the difference and learn to use the Power Plate correctly.

LA Power Plate: Inspiration Requires Energy

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I originally wrote this for my wife’s fashion blog a year ago, and recently saw it and it cracked me up so hear you go. Enjoy!

It’s way past my bed time on a Thursday night. I could:

* stay up and slog through the work in front of me which is due at noon tomorrow or
* go to bed early (and possibly inspire my wife to burn a few calories with me before lights out), crash and get some much needed zzzz’s.

I pick going to bed early and I set my alarm for an hour early. Why?

If you wake up an hour before you are suppose to, you can run 2 or 3 miles of interval sprints around the block in 1/2 hour (which is a 300 calorie burn), be back in time for a shower and to meditate on something positive before you need to be out the door (grape fruit in hand).

By going to bed early you just gave your brain and body some time to generate some fresh perspective for the project you’re working on. The endorphin rush you feel from the run (because you got more than 4 hours of sleep) will keep you sane in morning traffic by reminding you that you are in some way connected to all the people in shinny metal boxes rolling 25 down the 405 next to you.

When you take the time to take care of yourself, you take care of every one around you too because when you feel good, you are faster, funnier, more forgiving and full of the inspirational flow required to finish the job, and everyone benefits!

All that from going to bed early? You bet your plastic butt Los Angeles, and you better start believing it too if you want to fit into those size 2’s you are manufacturing for your fall line that you hope to wear to that high school reunion or that next fashion networking event.

LA Power Plate Core Stability Dead Lift: One Leg at a time

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The one leg dead lift is a great way to build stability muscle. It is a single leg exercise that targets the posterior chain – glutes and hamstrings – and they’re also great for hip stability, but not only in the leg but in the foot and core. Best to do them barefoot.

LA Power Plate Chiropractic Corner: Ice Therapy for Pain & Swelling

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LA Power Plate Core Kettle Bell Swing

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The kettle bell swing shown here is designed with the novice in mind, and is not the traditional kettle bell swing with the hip hinge. I’m not interested in demonstrating a hip hinge on the Power Plate because someone without experience curving their spine and hurting themselves without a live trainer present is not what I have in mind here. However doing this exercise the way I explain it here with either a kettle bell, dumbbell, or medicine ball, will improve your core stability, as well as quadriceps, glute strength and stamina.

a Chiropractic Corner: Self Adjusting

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Do Power Plate Core Abdominal Sliders = Flat Abs?

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I’ve been training professionally a long time and working out even longer and the only times that I ever have six pack abs is when my body fat is at 10% or lower. Currently I’m at 15% body fat so its more of a 4 pack, and no amount of ab work alone will change that. If that 6 pack is going to return I’m going to have to change my diet to a fat burning diet, and step up my cardio, period. I could work my body like a farm horse for the next 20 years but unless I eat a low saturated fat diet all that work is out the window. The question is “is the juice worth the squeeze” cuz its a lot of work to eat healthy every day of the week, but that’s what it takes. If your goal is flat 6 pack abs you have to weigh the pros and cons. Everyone can have a strong core but not necessarily have flat abbs. That said, I highly recommend this exercise for strengthening your core and if you eat right it will definitely provide improved abdominal shape and strength. Be well

Does Schwarzenegger still do Squats… Who cares!!?

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If the Terminator had been a little more focused on his quads 10 years ago instead of the muscle directly in the middle of them maybe he wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in right now. As with the fall of any hero or antihero there is a lesson to be learned, if we have ears to hear and eyes to see. The truth always comes to the surface.

Secrets like this cause damage to the holder of the secret as well as collateral damage. Something Arnold surely wasn’t thinking of when he almost certainly drunkenly impregnated the maid (I mean, come on take a look). My point… Physical health is just as important as mental. If you haven’t had a mental “house cleaning” (enjoy the pun) in a while it maybe time to see the therapist or clergyman and unload before the implosion. If we stay psychologically healthy the physical falls into place as well and vice-versa.

Now go hit those legs and use it before you lose it!!!