Chris Riordan, CPT

Chris Riordan, CPT

One of the premier Personal Fitness Trainers in Los Angeles, Chris Riordan practices Meditative Core Circuit Training, a methodwhich focuses on building a strong core and promotes regeneration of cellular tissue.

Workouts zero in on breathing properly to feed the heart while keeping it at a fat burning rate.  This process not only builds muscular strength but increases power, endurance, and elasticity. In other words we want you to still have all your cartilage and be able to touch your toes when you are 90 years old.

This type of training allows for customizing in training areas such as event preparation (Marathon, Triathlon), weight loss, prenatal and postnatal training, injury therapy and other special circumstances..

Get in shape, stay in shape, feel good and live an injury free life!

A multi sport Athlete (Martial Arts-Baseball-Football-Soccer-Basketball-Track & Field-Cycling and Swimming), Chris has over twenty years of experience in fitness training and develops a specific program for each client that takes into account heredity, life circumstances, personal health history, diet goals, and special needs.