Back to Basics: The Power Plate Push Up

By · Sunday, August 18th, 2013
 The push up is quite possibly one of the best exercises anyone can do. Doing push ups on the Power Plate is even better! 
When doing a pushup the scapula is allowed to go through its full range of motion. This isn’t possible for the scapulae in the bench press or dumbbell bench press variations. If done correctly activation of the Serratus anterior is guaranteed. The serratus anterior is a commonly inactive muscle that is extremely important for any athletes, throwing and non-throwing. The serratus is quick to shut down at the first sign of shoulder trouble.
Reaping the benefits of the push up means focusing on correct technique first and foremost. First keep your elbows tucked as close to your body as possible. Now think of pushing through your armpit. You’ll not only engage your chest and triceps, but you’ll also recruit  your lats, traps, and even your biceps, while protecting your shoulders.
 Don’t sag in the middle. Your head, upper back, and hips should all be in a straight line during the entire pushup. If your hips drop below that line, you’re not getting the full benefit in the core..
Four years ago due to some degenerative arthritis in my back I could no longer do a push up without tremendous pain. That is when I was introduced to the Power Plate. I started slow and now and not only can I do 100 push ups at a pop without stopping, there is absolutely no pain. Thats my own personal success story. What will yours be?


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