Strength Training

LA Power Plate Core Stability Dead Lift: One Leg at a time

The one leg dead lift is a great way to build stability muscle. It is a single leg exercise that targets the posterior chain – glutes and hamstrings – and

LA Power Plate Core Kettle Bell Swing

I’m not interested in demonstrating a hip hinge on the Power Plate because someone without experience curving their spine and hurting themselves without a live trainer present is not what I have in mind here

Does Schwarzenegger still do Squats… Who cares!!?

If the Terminator had been a little more focused on his quads 10 years ago instead of the muscle directly in the middle of them maybe he wouldn’t be in the mess he’s in right now.

Power Plate Strength Training: Arms, the Beautiful Bicep

You should use as many techniques as you can find and do properly. This will continue shock the muscle, and increase strength faster without stimulating an over use injury.

Power Plate & Stability: Breaking Down the Core Plank

The old adage goes “An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure” When it comes to injury prevention nothing is more essential than core stability.