Power Plate & Chiropractic: Living Pain Free

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Welcome to the LA Power Plate site. My name is Dr. Bert Vanderbliek, and I have been practicing Chiropractic since 1987. I mention my years of experience because I’ve seen many consistent patterns when it comes to Chiropractic patients. Many patients seek Chiropractic care after traditional methods of treatment, such as over-the-counter meds, altering daily routines and holding off on exercise, aren’t working. In most cases, Chiropractic Care has a favorable outcome in reducing or eliminating symptoms, but once the pain is gone, so is the patient, until the pain returns. There is more to being pain free than meets the eye. We find clinically, that when patients follow a program that rebuilds and strengthens their bodies, they not only hold their adjustments longer but have less recurring flare-ups. Without re-education, patients return to old unhealthy habits which produced their problems in the first place.

In the last year, we have added something to our practice to really change all that. The Power Plate was added, as well as our new amazing Personal Trainer, Chris Riordan. Once the pain and symptoms have been removed, the patient is now ready for the next step. A Rebuilding Program with flexibility, balance, and core strengthening is the goal to achieving a healthy spine and body. That’s where Chris and the Power Plate come in. This program has allowed us to help patients develop new healthy habits in order to prevent the old pain and symptoms from returning.

The Power Plate machine helps to increase muscle strength and flexibility, reduce pain and soreness, and improve bone density. Patients work directly with Chris and I on following a program designed for their individual needs. For the patient who is interested in achieving a healthy strong body, this program will change your life.

Come in, and receive a complimentary consultation and demonstration on the Power Plate.

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Power Plate and Osteoporosis: Winning the battle over bone loss!

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These days everyone knows someone in the family that has Osteoporosis, or even worse someone that has it and has fallen and suffered a fracture. It is common and can even be fatal, especially in the elderly.

“Among women over 50, 1 in every 2 who walk into an exercise class has low bone density and is at risk for fracture (NOF).” Symptoms can include: loss of height, mid-back or neck pain, arms looking longer, pants fitting too long, spinal deformities such as a stooped posture, and waistline pain.

“If you have osteoporosis, you might mistakenly think exercise will lead to fracture. In fact, though, using your muscles helps protect your bones.” (MFMER)

The simple truth for us as humans is “if we don’t use it we lose it”, and physical activity especially weight bearing and resistance exercise are a big part of the prevention process. Putting stress on the bones through exercise cause the bones to grow more bone and thus become stronger. Magic? Not really, but science can be magical, and Power Plate has Accelerated the prevention process for us. Conventional training can be time consuming, painful, and down right exhausting to fit into a busy day. Using the natural forces of gravity the Power Plate will involuntarily contract the muscles throughout the body between 30-50 times per second, dynamicly accelerating the work being done, in 20 min or less 3 time per week.

“Power-Plate training leads to a significant (1.5%) increase in hip area bone density, also muscle strength and postural control increases in postmenopausal women.” (JBMR)

I see first hand these amazing results every day and you can too. Got 20 minutes? You’ve got nothing to lose and only bone density to gain!

Chris Riordan CPT/Acceleration Specialist

Special Thanks to Staci Riordan for her help with this blog


National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) fast facts


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Power Plate & Stability: Breaking Down the Core Plank

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The old adage goes “An ounce of prevention,  is worth a pound of cure”  When it comes to injury prevention nothing is more essential than core stability.

Proper core stability training will recruit muscles of the trunk, pelvis, hips, abdominals, and small muscles along the spine contracting together to hold the spinal column in alignment. Planks anyone?

The endurance of these muscles is actually more important than their strength, since they are constantly working to stabilize the spine. Stabilizer muscles don’t move, they contract with static or isometric contractions so they obviously need to be trained with static exercises. I said PLANKS ANYONE!!!?

That’s right! Planks, and lots of them… Can I get a witness!


“I was introduced to the Power Plate machine in 2005 and was immediately impressed with the versatility and applications specific to golf conditioning including hamstring stretch, massage (for recovery/relaxation) and for developing my core stability,”  said Westwood.  “I have now progressed to the Power Plate pro5Air™ to further develop stability and power in my golf swing.” –Lee Westwood

Chris Riordan CPT Acceleration Specialist….Special thanks to Veronica Ramirez and Zac Zucker for thier help with this blog!

Power Plate & Flexibility: The Science of Acceleration Stretching

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There is nothing like a good stretch first thing in the morning to wake you up and get you headed in the right direction and Power Plate has now Accelerated that process!
Whole body vibration therapy was used by the Soviet Union in the 1960’s to help Cosmonauts combat the effects of microgravity on the body. Acceleration training could be responsible for their record 420 Days in space compared to the USA’s 120 days! When I was first introduced to Acceleration training I was a bit skeptical, and not because those “dirty commies” used it first (sorry I had to channel my grandfather for a second). However, I loved the science behind it, and if half the benefits they claimed possible were actually true, then they had me at hello.

Today let’s start with improved flexibility. I’ve seen people who have never touched there toes become flexible enough in one 15 minute session to touch the ground and here is the how. The power plate causes reflex muscle contractions to occur. These contractions happen between 25-50 times per second. After each contraction the muscle has to relax before contracting again. All of that activity causes a change in your nervous system, allowing your muscles to stretch further.

The contractions also increase circulation to the muscles and joints. By increasing the movement of fluid around the joint, the joint becomes lubricated and is easier to move. You can use many of the normal stretches you are familiar with as you hold the stretch for 30 seconds to a minute.

You can also use it before stretching to massage tight muscles.  A relaxed muscle will stretch easier than a tense one. Cool beans huh? Well, talk is cheap, so unless you try it you’ll never know!

Special Thanks to Staci Riordan, Veronica Ramirez, Dr.Bert & Jody Vanderbliek for their support and help starting this blog!

Chris Riordan CPT, Acceleration Specialist