Power Plate & Arthritis: Letting go of the Pain

By · Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Arthritis is a disease that affects millions of people globally every day, the elderly are the hardest hit but even the young can suffer its effects. Also known as a rheumatic disease, it can affect the joints, muscles, tendons, and connective tissues, with swelling, stiffness and constant pain.

Exercise, heat, massages, and physical therapy can help with pain management, prevent fusion of tissues, and bone spurs, while building endurance, muscle, and coordination. Many people however, prefer the short cut of drugs to reduce the pain, which in turn lead to higher doses creating a toxic environment throughout the body for more disease to grow. Surely 1 little pill every day couldn’t hurt, right? Maybe it won’t, if you supplement it with exercise and a healthy diet. However, if you start with 1 there could eventually be 20-30 a day and none of it working. We’ve all seen it.

Combating arthritis with vibration therapy on the Power Plate will increase blood distribution, which is important in regenerating damaged tissues as well as in the circulatory system’s ability to deliver vital nutrients and hormones throughout the body. The increased blood flow will aid in the development of new capillaries, bringing oxygen and synovial fluids to joints and cartilage, providing much needed flexibility. This type of vibration exercise will also stimulate the lymphatic system responsible for carrying toxins away from healthy cells and thereby aiding in the regeneration of new cells.

Living in daily pain takes it’s toll mentally, as well as physically. A person can actually become addicted to an ailment by constantly speaking of it in terms of it belonging to them. “My arthritis” or “My bursitis”, “Been with me a long time it has”. It could be time to let go of that old friend, and embrace a new way of thinking, and living. If you haven’t given the Power Plate a shot then it’s time come in for a complementary demonstration. Be well…

Special thanks to Veronica Remirez for her help with this Blog


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