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By · Monday, September 20th, 2010


Welcome to the LA Power Plate site. My name is Dr. Bert Vanderbliek, and I have been practicing Chiropractic since 1987. I mention my years of experience because I’ve seen many consistent patterns when it comes to Chiropractic patients. Many patients seek Chiropractic care after traditional methods of treatment, such as over-the-counter meds, altering daily routines and holding off on exercise, aren’t working. In most cases, Chiropractic Care has a favorable outcome in reducing or eliminating symptoms, but once the pain is gone, so is the patient, until the pain returns. There is more to being pain free than meets the eye. We find clinically, that when patients follow a program that rebuilds and strengthens their bodies, they not only hold their adjustments longer but have less recurring flare-ups. Without re-education, patients return to old unhealthy habits which produced their problems in the first place.

In the last year, we have added something to our practice to really change all that. The Power Plate was added, as well as our new amazing Personal Trainer, Chris Riordan. Once the pain and symptoms have been removed, the patient is now ready for the next step. A Rebuilding Program with flexibility, balance, and core strengthening is the goal to achieving a healthy spine and body. That’s where Chris and the Power Plate come in. This program has allowed us to help patients develop new healthy habits in order to prevent the old pain and symptoms from returning.

The Power Plate machine helps to increase muscle strength and flexibility, reduce pain and soreness, and improve bone density. Patients work directly with Chris and I on following a program designed for their individual needs. For the patient who is interested in achieving a healthy strong body, this program will change your life.

Come in, and receive a complimentary consultation and demonstration on the Power Plate.

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