Do Power Plate Core Abdominal Sliders = Flat Abs?

By · Friday, August 5th, 2011

I’ve been training professionally a long time and working out even longer and the only times that I ever have six pack abs is when my body fat is at 10% or lower. Currently I’m at 15% body fat so its more of a 4 pack, and no amount of ab¬†work alone will change that. If that 6 pack is going to return I’m going to have to change my diet to a fat burning diet, and step up my cardio, period. I could work my body like a farm horse for the next 20 years but unless I eat a low saturated fat diet all that work is out the window. The question is “is the juice worth the squeeze” cuz its a lot of work to eat healthy every day of the week, but that’s what it takes. If your goal is flat 6 pack abs you have to weigh the pros and cons. Everyone can have a strong core but not necessarily have flat abbs. That said, I highly recommend this exercise for strengthening your core and if you eat right it will definitely provide¬†improved abdominal shape and strength. Be well


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