Power Plate Core Training: The SuperKicker

By · Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Strong core = strong back, and anyone can have this gift.

For the money, the best workouts center on your core. Nothing is more important than a strong healthy back. Just ask anyone with chronic back pain. A strong core allows a person to perform daily activities (getting in and out of your car/ Vacuuming) with greater ease, and will improve sports performance through a more efficient energy transfer from large to small body parts.

Recently I took a few weeks off of workouts to recover from “various issues,” but because my core is so strong from training on the Power Plate, I was able to keep up with my workout partner in crime Dr. Vanderbliek who rarely misses a workout.

The core muscles include the abdominal muscles, hip muscles (front and back) and spinal muscles (lower and upper back muscles.) These muscle groups are responsible for maintaining the stability of the spine and pelvis. Training these muscles properly on the Power Plate can decrease the incidence of low back pain.

If all you have is 5 minutes to workout today, you can start to strengthen your core and start saying goodbye to back and neck pain. The Super kicker is a great place to start. Check out the video. Then try the plank and side plank.  When you are doing these exercises for the first few times, your body may start shaking. This is a result of muscle weakness and lack of coordination. After a little practice the shaking will stop and you will be able to do them smoothly.


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